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ASX 200 - Australia Continues To Disappoint


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Australian City Councils fail the ultimate test - protecting their community from crime in this case email

Australian Local Government have failed the ultimate test - protecting their community from crime. In this case crime relating to email.

The crime does not need to be isolated to online scams. It could be a council employee email address faked for criminal gain. 

In May 2018, we conducted research into over 570 local government organisations with the following results. 

Only 1 from over 570 surveyed is protecting their community. Narromine Shire Council has taken the necessary steps to prevent their domain from being used by criminals however no council has implemented an Anti-spoof / Phishing policy on their website. (

One insurer has even referenced the Ipswich email scam which was completely avoidable. Ipswitch city council has not taken any steps to implement the protective measures -a link to check.

Only 24/50 councils have started the process but either stopped or are yet to become safe and trustworthy. Willoughtby City Council have now started the process.

The pr…

The US S&P 500 Up 7%

As part of the Trusted Sender initiative we will continue to monitor the largest companies on various Stock Exchanges.  From the period June - December 2018: US companies that have started the DMARC process is up 7% from 202 to 235 companies. The increase is most likely due to the US Government going live with their reject policy. 64 Companies were found to be protecting us from their domain from being SPOOF'ed however there is a disturbing lack of Financial Industry organizations that appear in this list given US banks were the founding organizations for the initial DMARC project. 

Five Times Safer - Australian Councils Increase Email Authentication

Whilst the Australian Federal Government lags behind it's peers, Australia Local Government has taken up the charge of protecting email users and their constituents by implementing a protected DMARC p=reject policy.
Amongst the 5 now compliant and secured email domains, in May 2018 when surveyed, only 1 of the councils, Narromine City Council, was compliant. Brisbane City Council, had started the process and none of the other remaining 5 councils had a DMARC record.
There has also been an increase in Councils beginning the Anti-SPOOF authentication process from 23 councils to 32, a net increase of 39% but the figure is a long way short of the 537 Councils surveyed.
You can find list of the councils by visiting our Trusted Sender App.